Vaseem is an accomplished and versatile photographer to the core. He is proficient in architectural photography and wedding photography is his pure passion.

After his graduation in Media and Graphics, he went to Mumbai and worked with some of the leading photographers in the industry for two years. Being an artist and having a creative mind, Vaseem wanted to start something of his own and with that dream, he came to Pune.

Vaseem is perceptive about people. With a penchant to capture sentiments, he can transpire the emotions into a perfectly magical photo. He is an avid story-teller; narrating love stories through his artwork, giving his clients their fairy-tale wedding.

He is excellent at commercial photography and has worked with the large corporate houses like Infosys and Toto. He has also worked with the renowned luxury hotels across India like Taj Faluknama, Four Seasons, Mumbai; Oberoi etc. His work has been appreciated and featured in photography as well as architectural magazines.

Vaseem is an adventure junkie and a globetrotter. He loves to travel in a very unconventional style. He is passionate rider and there is no place that his bike can’t take him. He loves authentic Indian cuisine, especially from his hometown Kolhapur and Kokan.